Car Cleaning Franchise Media Kit

DetailXPerts’ Car Cleaning Franchise Media Kit

Is the Traditional Car Wash Business Model Dying?

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A Unique Car Cleaning Franchise

DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly truck and car cleaning franchise to utilize the power of steam. We use only 1 pint of water to detail an average-sized car to perfection. Our patent-pending technology and process have raised interest not only in our customers, but in media as well. Due to this, we continue to receive requests for media coverage and are more than happy to spread the news.


Car Cleaning Franchise Coverage

Are you a representative of a media outlet that covers the automotive industry or explores various franchise opportunities? Or maybe a business writer? In any case, we’ll be more than happy to discuss our car cleaning franchise. By spreading the news about DetailXPerts you can help hundreds of people make a conscious decision to use our eco-friendly services. In addition, others may find the opportunity for financial independence while creating jobs and making a difference in their communities.


Ready to Spread the Word about Our Car Cleaning Franchise?

To help you out, we have compiled a useful media kit to get you started.


DetailXPerts was born out of a child’s innocent remark – literally! Find out more by checking out our story.

Behind every successful company stands a great team, right? Well, you can learn more about our strong founding team at our Executive Team page or by downloading their bios.

DetailXPerts is a responsible environmental steward. Get to know our Sustainability Statement.

Our Fact Sheet provides a more systematic overview of DetailXPerts’ car cleaning franchise history and development.


We are excited about fulfilling our mission to change lives one franchise at a time. Thus, we can reach our goal to change the world one vehicle at a time. Join us in spreading the news! Call 877-317-9737 to discuss your media inquiry today!