Eco Friendly Car Wash: Innovation + Convention [Infographic]

Would it be possible to combine the pros of the touchless and conventional car wash methods and eliminate the cons? Yes it is; through an eco car wash Yes, it is possible, through the eco car wash.

Comparison of two car wash methodsOne of the toughest decisions that a startup entrepreneur like you has to make is choosing the type of car wash business and the method you will use. Should you go touchless or conventional?

You have to compare every aspect in order to make a wise decision. Think of other pros and cons. The touchless wash might be able to clean faster, but it doesn’t have the dexterity of a detailer’s hand which can reach hard-to-reach areas. However, due to the latter’s slow cleaning rate, you will have less cars to clean, so you end up with less customers.

On the other hand, the touchless wash can save a lot of water because it only uses up to 11 gallons of water per vehicle as opposed to the conventional wash which uses up as much as 5 gallons of water per minute! This means that either method will aggravate the current global water crisis.

But that’s not all. Both use harsh chemicals that require the construction of wastewater facilities to prevent damage and destruction to the ecosystems that live within. This requires a huge investment from you – and it may take a long time before you regain that investment back.

Then you think again. Would it be possible to combine the pros of each method and eliminate the cons?

Yes, it is possible, through the eco green car wash. It takes the best qualities of both methods – fast cleaning time, reasonable price, uses just a pint of water, no chemical runoff that would necessitate the construction of a wastewater treatment facility -with the added advantage of saving the environment while earning more.


Eco Friendly Car Wash Innovation and Convention Infographic


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